Artificial Reef

The Artificial Reef Program of DMR is responsible for artificial reef development in Mississippi’s marine waters and adjacent federal waters. Since the establishment of the Artificial Reef Program, 67 inshore reefs, 15 offshore reefs, and 8 rigs to reef sites have been created to enhance and support important marine species. AR-main-1

In addition to artificial reef development, the Artificial Reef Program utilizes side scan sonar for detecting objects on the seafloor, assists with juvenile fish releases, as well as many other projects. For questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Artificial Reef Bureau.

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Inshore Reefs Offshore Reefs
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Rigs to Reef History

Artificial Reef 
Bureau Director

Travis Williams

Contact Travis Williams
Office: 228-523-4110








Photo Gallery:
Reef Deployments (coming soon)
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Artificial Reef Downloads:
Artificial Reef Plan
Google Earth

Inshore Reefs:
Google Earth KMZ file
Map of Inshore Reefs
Lat/Lon Coordinates

Offshore Reefs:
Google Earth KMZ file (coming soon)
Map of Offshore Reefs
Lat/Lon Coordinates
Mapping Project with 3D images

Rigs to Reefs:
Act of Donation and Title Transfer Form
Map of Rigs to Reefs Sites
Lat/Lon Coordinates
Mapping Project with 3D images