Mississippi GEMS

Jourdan River Preserve

  1. Jourdan RiverSite Information Point(s) of Contact: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Coastal Preserves Program
  2. Geographic Information
    1. Narrative Description of the Site: The primary boundary of this 6,423-acre preserve contains open saline marsh from the mouth of the Jourdan River to where the area becomes forested. The upper Jourdan River is tidal freshwater with adjacent cypress/gum swamp. The swamp occurs as narrow bands and expanded areas scattered along the river. Extensive bands of the floating-leafed cow-lily (Nuphar luteum macrophyllum) occur along the shoreline. The oligohaline stretch of the mid-Jourdan River is a transition zone with a mixed marsh of saltgrass (Cladium jamaicense) and needle rush (Juncus roemerianus) north of I-10 with the Cladium rapidly declining to the south of the interstate (within - 1 mile). The creeks and rivers are be lined with smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) or wild-rice (Zizania aquatica) and saltmeadow cordgrass (Spartina patens) bands occur along the upland borders. These oligohaline marshes of the lower Jourdan River are dominated by needle rush (Juncus roemerianus) with scattered pure stands of big cordgrass (Spartina cynosuroides) and common reed (Pharagmites australis). These marshes are quite similar to those occurring along the northwest to northeast shores of St. Louis Bay. Smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) occurs as a narrow band along the creeks and bayous with eelgrass (Vallisneria americana) occurring in narrow beds along the river.
    2. Date When Information Last Updated: March, 1998
    3. Location: Hancock & Harrison Counties
    4. Area of Influence: Coastal plain
  3. Ecological/Cultural Characteristics
    1. Habitat type: The following ecological communities are expected or known to occur: estuarine subtidal 1) large tidal creek; estuarine intertidal 1) oligohaline marsh 2) mesohaline marsh.
    2. Rare/Endangered Species:
      1. Anas fulvigula Mottled Duck
      2. Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides Scarlet Kingsnake
    3. Migratory Species: This unique location provides excellent feeding, resting, and wintering habitat for numerous types of migratory bird species, such as the Brown Pelican, White Pelican, and cormorants.
  4. Current and Potential Use of the Site
    1. Recreational Use: Boaters and anglers use the area on occasional and seasonal basis for waterfowl hunting (sparingly) and fishing.
  5. Management Status
    1. Land Ownership: Lands within this Coastal Preserve are either privately, locally, state or federally owned. Much of the property is considered tidal wetlands and is already owned by the state.
    2. Existing Designations: Mississippi Coastal Preserve
    3. Management Status: Managed by the Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program.
    4. Existing Monitoring Activities: Monitored by the Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program.
    5. Acquisition Potential: Currently active
    6. Management Needs: The State will manage the area as a coastal preserve. The DMR will have direct responsibility. Much of the property considered tidal wetlands, already owned by the State.
  6. Site Viability
    1. Threats to Ecological Integrity: Residences with open septic systems.
  7. Comments and/or Additional Information on the Jourdan River Preserve: email the Coastal Preserves Manager.

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