Round Island Preserve

  1. Round IslandSite Information Point(s) of Contact: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Coastal Preserves Program
  2. Geographic Information
    1. Narrative Description of the Site: The primary boundary of this small 65-acre preserve is the shoreline of the island. Most of the island is covered in slash pine forest with a marshy interior. Six pair of Osprey nest on the island and 30 or more pair of Great Blue Herons have nested here in recent years.
    2. Date When Information Last Updated: March, 1998
    3. Location: Jackson County
    4. Area of Influence: Barrier island
  3. Ecological/Cultural Characteristics
    1. Habitat type: The following communities are expected or known to occur: estuarine subtidal 1) Mississippi Sound – sand bottom (near shore); estuarine intertidal 1) sand shore.
    2. Rare/Endangered Species:
      1. Panion haliaetus Osprey
      2. Alligator mississippiensis American Alligator
      3. Ruellia noctiflora Night-Flowering Ruellia
    3. Breeding/Nursery Area: Great Blue Heron Rookery
    4. Migratory Species: This unique location provides excellent feeding, resting, and wintering habitat for numerous types of migratory bird species, such as the Brown Pelican, White Pelican, and cormorants.
  4. Educational and Economic Value
    1. Recreational Use: Boaters and anglers use the area on occasional and seasonal basis for waterfowl hunting (sparingly) and fishing.
  5. Management Status
    1. Land Ownership: Lands within this Coastal Preserve are either privately, locally, state or federally owned
    2. Existing Designations: Mississippi Coastal Preserve
    3. Management Status: Managed by the Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program.
    4. Existing Monitoring Activities: Monitored by the Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program.
    5. Acquisition Potential: Active
    6. Management Needs: The State will manage the area as a coastal preserve. The DMR will have direct responsibility
  6. Comments and/or Additional Information on Bayou La Croix Preserve: email the Coastal Preserves Manager.

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