Seafood Technology Glossary

Pre-operational (Pre-Op) Inspection – A DMR Seafood Officer will visit your facility to determine if it meets the necessary requirements before opening up for business.

Quarterly Routine Inspections – An on-site unannounced inspection of the sanitary condition of a seafood facility. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans and associated records are also observed. The DMR’s management includes inspections of the certified facilities in accordance with relevant NSSP or ISSC sanitation/health safety specifications and issuance to certified dealers itemized statements of compliances and non-compliances with these specifications. It shall be unlawful to operate a processing or shipping facility without a current valid certificate.

Follow-Up Inspections – An inspection conducted by a DMR Seafood Officer to observe if deficiencies that were noted during the routine inspection have been corrected.

Certification Inspection – An inspection where the facility inspected has to meet the certification requirements of the NSSP Model Ordinance and Title 22 Part 17. This inspection usually occurs between the months of January and March.

Annual Evaluation Inspection – An evaluation of the inspection program conducted by FDA Program Specialists to verify inspection criteria is being met.

Standardization Inspection – An inspection conducted to see if the State Standardization Officers adhere to the same set of standards as the Food and Drug Administration STANDARD. The FDA STANDARD is the regulatory body of the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

Technical Assistance Visits – Any announced or unannounced visit where a DMR Seafood Officer will visit a facility and assist the dealer or processor with anything they request. Such examples include but are not limited to: mock inspections, technical instructions, in-house training, delivering hand-washing signs or posters written in languages understood by the employees, and lending videos on proper sanitation for your employees’ use. Technical assistance visits are made to shrimp and crab processing facilities as well.

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