Gulf of Mexico Alliance

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) is a Regional Ocean Partnership working to sustain the resources of the Gulf of Mexico. The Governors of the five Gulf States identified six priority issues (coastal resilience, date & monitoring, education & engagement, habitat resources, water resources and wildlife & fisheries) that benefit from regional collaboration. With support from state and federal agencies, academic organizations, non-profits and businesses in the region, Gulf of Mexico Alliance Partners work collaboratively on teams to address the region’s priorities in ways that a single entity cannot. The goal is to significantly increase regional collaboration to enhance the environmental and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico. goma-logo

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is also a 501c3 non-profit organization. Link to GOMA:


Habitat Team

Resilience Team

Habitat Team State Lead
George Ramseur

Contact George Ramseur
Office: 228-523-4120


Resilience Team State Lead
Rhonda Price

Contact Rhonda Price
Office: 228-523-4150