Mississippi's inshore artificial reefs are comprised of several different types of material for development including crushed concrete, limestone, and oyster shell. The development of these reefs has diversified habitat and increased high quality fishing sites which has proven in the past to support a great ecosystem for Mississippi's inshore reefs. These artificial reefs provide the preponderance of both vertical relief and hard substrate for a variety of fish and invertebrate species.

In the spring of 2007, the MS DMR received funds from the EDRP (Emergency Disaster Recovery Program) which will help speed up recovery from the damage that Hurricane Katrina caused to all of our marine resources. This is a 5 year project that will continue to enhance and replenish what was lost to the storm. This project began with deployments around accessible fishing piers for Mississippi's shore fishermen, who were left with very few options of where they could fish. In addition to Mississippi's artificial reefs around piers, the 2007 deployments also included low profile fishing reefs accessible to both wade fishermen and small boat owners.

In 2007, all three coastal counties were included with preference on those reefs which sustained the most damage. As Mississippi's public piers and shore access points are rebuilt and reopened, MS DMR's artificial reef program, in conjunction with Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks will continue to enhance and replenish its inshore reefs.

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