Mississippi Title 22 regulations are listed below. These are PDF files and require a free reader you may download from Adobe.

The Mississippi Secretary of State's Office maintains a link to the electronic version of state statutes, the Mississippi Code Annotated. To locate the particular portions of the Mississippi Code related to marine resource management issues, visit the Secretary of State website at Search the table of contents for the following Titles and Chapters:

Title 29, Chapter 15 - Public Trust Tidelands Laws
Title 49, Chapter 15 - Seafood Laws
Title 49, Chapter 27 - Wetlands Protection Laws
Title 57, Chapter 15 - Marine Resources Laws
Title 59, Chapter 21 - Boat and Water Safety Laws

This data is provided for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes legal advice.

Title 22 Part 01 - Rules and Regulations for Shellfish Related Activities - Proposed Changes

Title 22 Part 02 - Rules and Regulations for Shrimping - Proposed Changes - ICW Changes

Title 22 Part 18 - Rules and Regulations for Special Permits - Proposed Changes - Scientific Collection Permits

Title 22 Part 07 - Finfish Size and Bag Limits - Proposed Changes - Spotted Sea Trout Season Extension

Title 22 Part 07 - Finfish Size and Bag Limits - Proposed Changes - Red Drum Quota Increase

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Recreational Catch Limits
Commercial Catch Limits